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Speak with a California Lemon Law Attorney with an unmatched track record. Jacob Kashani has won over a thousand lemon law cases resulting in a 99% success rate in compensation for his clients.

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When it comes to getting the most compensation for a defective vehicle in the Golden State, be careful! Anyone can say that they are a qualified California lemon law attorney, because there is no special certification required for it. You should consider lawyers that are able to provide their background with this particular type of practice.

At the Law Office of Jacob K. Kashani, our proprietor fell in love with cars from an early age and it has become a lifelong passion. Combined with his training in the law and work on plaintiffs’ rights cases in defective vehicles, he is a California lemon law attorney who can describe past cases and what he has achieved for clients in a no-cost consultation. For more information from previous clients, see the below testimonials.

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Our attorneys have successfully won over a thousand lemon law cases at a wide variety. Here are a few of the most common types of California lemon law cases we have handled:

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The facts of your specific potential case help determine what compensation you are owed, and you should speak with an experienced California lemon law attorney to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information. However, between court cases and state law, it’s possible to outline some specifics regarding both the process and what vehicles qualify as a lemon.

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Lemon Law Cases in California

We have a proven track record winning California Lemon Law Cases.

If you have a vehicle that fits the bill, you will also need to have the manufacturer, or in most cases a local dealership, get the opportunity to repair the vehicle at least two times. In some cases, they may be able to rectify the situation by fixing certain components.

If you are already at this stage, be sure to keep track of receipts and service records.  Then, consider working with a California lemon law attorney to assess your options. You may have the opportunity to either receive compensation from the car maker or have them replace the vehicle outright.

In addition, you may also be able to obtain compensation for any charges related to the vehicle being out of commission. This can include the cost of car rentals, hotel fees and other costs. The reason to consider legal representation? Car manufacturers have legal teams that make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to minimize how much money they have to pay out if their vehicles don’t work properly.

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Sean A. West Hollywood, CA

Jacob Kashani is a knowledgeable, hard working and fierce attorney. I've called Jacob at least 6 times through the last 5 years and he's always had the right answers, as well as creative solutions whether it was pertaining to vehicles or even areas of law outside of his expertise.

Lizzie C. Los Angeles, CA

I am truly happy that I decided to reach out to Mr Kashani for assistance with my lemon case. He is professional , knows his stuff , communicates well with you and listens to your concerns. He addresses all your concerns and answers all your questions clearly.

Carly B. Moorpark, CA

Jacob has been amazing through the whole process of my lemon. He is always available, responsive and follows up promptly. He was very easy to work with and I would highly recommend his practice. He definitely got the job done, Thank you Jacob for all your work !!!!

Karla J. Chatsworth Lake Manor, CA

My car was just purchased back by the Manufacturer! I am so appreciative of Jacob's experience and thankful to get a redo on a car that just kept going into the shop. He has been very responsive and quick responding.

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