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The Law Office of Jacob K. Kashani specializes in representing Californians who have purchased cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, or recreational vehicles that turned out to be lemons. We provide effective representation to consumers who have purchased lemons in the following locations:

At the Law Office of Jacob K. Kashani, we understand the frustrations of having a vehicle that you can’t fully enjoy due to a manufacturing defect, and we can help you get the manufacturer to either replace the vehicle or issue a refund. If you believe that your recently purchased vehicle is a lemon you may only have a limited amount of time to file a claim under California’s lemon law, so contact us today.

What Our Clients Are Saying!

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Navid P. Los Angeles, CA

My Mercedes kept having problems and had been in the service station several times. A few times I had to go get a rent-a car which made it hard to fit into my schedule going after work to pick it up and drop it off. After several times of having car problems I decided to call Jacob. Jacob was caring, understanding, extremely knowledgeable, and helped me get a settlement very quickly. He answered all my questions and was extremely helpful. He is the go to attorney if you find yourself in this type of situations. His assistants are also fantastic. Thank you.

Arnaud D. Los Angeles, CA

We used Jacob regarding a problem on a 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. Jacob got all my money back from FCA and it was very easy to communicate with him during the process. It's always very nice to work with someone that knows exactly what he is doing. It's painful to realize your 84k usd brand new car is a lemon but at the end I am happy I didn't loose anything...

Ariel T. Encino, Los Angeles, CA

My bluetooth kept disconnecting on my Chevrolet Cruz and the dealer tried to fix it 5 times until finally until I got Jacob involved they decided to replace my control unit (such an annoying process) I actually didn't want to lemon my car because I got such a good deal on it. Instead Jacob sent a demand to Chevrolet and ended up getting me a settlement. Best of all I kept the car. Thanks for the service

Norma S. Newport Beach, CA

Jacob and his staff are AMAZING! I honestly don't know where to begin, from their service, to their knowledge and patience. I had no idea there was such thing as a lemon law until a friend told me about it after I told him of the issues I was having with my KIA. I decided to look for an attorney on YELP (I yelp and google EVERYTHING LOL) and I came across Jacob and his really good reviews so I decided to give Jacob a call. Jacob was very helpful and explained the steps to me the moment I called and told him all the problems I was having with my Sorento. He guided me through the whole process and we were finally able to get KIA to repurchase the vehicle. I am beyond thankful with Jacobs professionalism and knowledge about everything! He's hands down, the best of the best! Thank you Jacob and Lavisha!

Patrick D. Torrance, CA

I bought a Honda civic in 2016, and had problems with the A/C almost immediately. I brought it into Honda's repair shop numerous times, and each time, they would say that nothing was wrong with it. I finally decided to contact Jacob to see what could be done, and it was the best decision I could have made. Jacob was always quick to respond, whether it was through call, text, or email. He also broke everything down into layman's terms since I don't know much about cars or the lemon law process. Last and most importantly, he fought to get me the most out of my situation. In the end, Honda fixed my A/C problem AND they gave me a generous settlement (about 3x more than what I expected).

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