Winning a Lemon Law Case in California

Tips On Winning a Lemon Law Case

When you purchase a car, truck or SUV, you buy it with the guarantee that all of the features will work. If they don’t, then you need to know how to have the best chance to win a lemon law case in California. As long as your vehicle is eligible, and you take the time to keep records of service appointments and issues, you can put your best case forward.

Mistakes Clients Have Made When They Have a Lemon

Car makers are companies with billions of dollars that they can put towards legal issues. You are not. So while California is a good state for consumer protections, we’ve seen clients who have made it harder to have a chance to win a lemon law case by making some of the following choices:

Being Too Specific with Your Issue when You Get Repairs

Even if you know a lot about your car, try to be as general as possible when you visit the dealership mechanic to get your vehicle serviced. Remember that they must be able to have a chance to repair the defect in the vehicle’s system. It’s rare, but possible, that they try to fix something else and you don’t reach the number of repairs needed.

Not Getting Proper Paperwork at Each Service Visit

A paper trail is critical to legal success in any case and it’s a critical component in lemon law cases as well. Each time you go to a service center, make sure that you obtain a receipt that includes the VIN (vehicle identification number), issue identified by the technician in charge of repairs and the steps that they took to remedy it. If you are to be without your vehicle for some time, try to also get a timestamp of when your car or SUV was delivered along with the days you drop it off and pick it up.

Confusing Repair Shops and Car Manufacturers

Certifications for repair shops come from a variety of associations, but they are only licensed representatives of the manufacturer as it pertains to the California lemon law if they are part of a dealership. This can be crucial in its effect on winning a lemon law case: just because someone *can* work on your vehicle does not mean that they are considered a manufacturer’s representative and considered part of the car maker as a legal entity. If you believe your car has an inherent defect, try to use the mechanics at the dealership where you bought it.

Seeking Repairs After More Than Two Attempts

California’s legal code says that people should have to allow a dealership to repair a vehicle up to four times or have it be unusable for up to 30 days, a fact you will see on many websites about how to win a lemon law case. The key phrase there is “up to” because sometimes you can determine a car is a lemon after just one visit.

Opting to Go Through Arbitration Because It’s Free

It’s true that you can use free state resources to pursue compensation from a car manufacturer. That does not mean that it gives you the best possible chance of success: an arbitrator is trying to seek a compromise that works for both parties and doesn’t necessarily advocate on your behalf. You could lose out on significant compensation.

We’ve seen issues like these make things more difficult for our clients and don’t want you to go through the same issue when trying to seek compensation for your defective vehicle. For more information about what paperwork will give you the best chance of success, see below.


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N M. Los Angeles, CA

Great experience. Mr. Kashani is personable, professional, and most importantly, effective. He took my case, walked me through what he thought would happen, and he was right. I got more back thank I thought I would for my buy back and barely had to lift a finger to do it. Best part is, his fee isn't mine to pay. You really can't lose by contacting Jacob Kashani.

Nina M. Los Angeles, CA

Jacob is the best! I was recommended by him through a friend and I'm so glad I called him. My car was a lemon and he fought for me to get a repurchase on my 2018 Mercedes. He was so informative and very helpful through this stressful process. Dealing with a lemon car for the first time I didn't know how to go about it. Jacob answered all my questions and was so helpful. He really cares about his clients! If you need an AMAZING lemon law lawyer Jacob is your guy!!

Sean A. Central LA, West Hollywood, CA

Jacob Kashani is a knowledgeable, hard working and fierce attorney. I've called Jacob at least 6 times through the last 5 years and he's always had the right answers, as well as creative solutions whether it was pertaining to vehicles or even areas of law outside of his expertise. The three things you want in your attorney is knowledge, creativity, and hard work. Jacob has that!

Stephanie P. Huntington Park, CA

I had a problem with my AC on my Honda 2018, starting a week after signing on the vehicle. I kept hoping they would fix it and went to repairs close to 10 times. When I was finally fed up, I decided to look through YELP. I am beyond grateful I found Jacob. I was definitely skeptical because the yelp seemed too good to be true. I am glad I took the chance. He responded to my messages within a couple of minutes. After I explained my car situation, he immediately called me and he instantly explained my options and kept me reassured the entire process. I was updated via phone and email throughout the time it took to complete the process. His front desk staff was amazing! (Special shoutout to Stefany that also was answering my many questions). Jacob and his staff went above and beyond for me and got my $$ back! To which, he even called up a friend to help me out with my next car purchase. I recommend this business to all of my friends and family who may need Jacob.

Paul S. Culver City, CA

Jacob is the man. He got me taken care of with my case with Ford. Not only is he professional, he's also super personable. Every time I spoke with him it was like I was talking to a friend and he always answered all of my questions, no matter how dumb they were lol

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