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    California Lemon Law: Overview

    The Golden State offers a variety of protections to consumers who have issues with their vehicles. The California lemon law offers car buyers, new and used, the satisfaction that they will be able to drive their vehicle free of safety or even cosmetic issues. If your vehicle has needed one or more repairs, you may be entitled to legal remedies that could include the cost of replacement.

    With a distinguished background in both mechanics and car sales, coupled with over two decades of hands-on experience within the automotive industry, Jacob Kashani possesses a unique and unparalleled authority in advocating for consumer rights. Having successfully litigated a multitude of lemon law claims in the state of California, the Law Office of Jacob Kashani has consistently secured substantial compensation for our clients, transcending the mere value of their defective vehicles. This track record extends to the recovery of ancillary costs such as temporary transportation and lodging expenses, and more. We don’t win unless you do.

    What is the California Lemon Law?

    The California lemon law is the common phrase for two separate statutes: the Tanner Consumer Protection Act and the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act. Both govern the promises that carmakers and dealerships can make to you as well as what rights you have if something goes wrong with your vehicle.

    Recent Case Win

    Recently in 2024, The Law Office of Jacob K. Kashani achieved a significant legal triumph in a lemon law case involving Range Rover. Our client encountered persistent issues with their vehicle’s reverse camera, which ultimately led to the initiation of this case under California’s lemon law statutes. Through dedicated legal advocacy and expert handling of the case, we successfully secured a settlement of $255,933.65 for our client. Jacob Kashani and our entire team is highly experienced navigating complex automotive defect cases.

    How the California Lemon Law Protects You

    The CA lemon law focuses on cars that remain under the manufacturer’s new car warranty, although you may have either purchased the vehicle or leased it. If you believe that you have a lemon, you need to ensure that you have copies of any repair receipts and the issues that you have had with it. Hiring a lemon law attorney should also be a priority when dealing with a lemon.

    If the car manufacturer is unable to make the vehicle usable or safe for you, you are eligible for some of the following remedies:

    1. Repurchase of the vehicle minus the usable value (days you were able to drive the vehicle);
    2. Replacement of the car, truck or SUV; or
    3. A cash payment that covers some or all of the above.

    When to Hire a Lemon Lawyer in California

    Vehicle manufacturers have large legal teams who have the sole goal of ensuring that litigation costs the company as little money as possible. If you have a defective car, truck or SUV, they may offer a settlement or repurchase offer that fails to take into account the hassles that you have experienced while trying to get it fixed.

    If you have tried getting repairs more than once or twice for the same issue, consider speaking to a lemon law attorney in California who will help you find out if you quality for the Lemon Law in California and understands what documentation you need in terms of repair receipts and other paperwork.

    California Lemon Law FAQs

    What is the lemon law in California?

    The “lemon law” in California is a pair of consumer protection statutes that enable you to receive compensation for your new or used vehicle if it does not perform as warranted after more than one repair attempt.

    How does the lemon law work in California?

    The California lemon law requires manufacturers to offer to repurchase the vehicle, offer a replacement model or even a cash settlement if you satisfy the conditions of the number of repairs required and time of ownership.

    How does a car qualify for lemon law?

    Lemon Qualifications: While state laws require that issues begin during the first 18 months or 18,000 miles, you may find out the extent of issues after this period. In either case, you may qualify if you have taken your car in for repairs for the same issue between two and four times or had it in the shop for more than 30 days in total.

    How to file a lemon law claim in California?

    You have two options: go through the state’s arbitration process to file a claim or use the services of a California lemon law attorney who may be able to obtain a more advantageous cash settlement or other offer.

    Does the California Lemon Law apply to used cars?

    The California lemon law does apply to used cars in two scenarios: if you have purchased a used vehicle with a remaining manufacturer’s warranty, or if you bought a car that was already deemed a lemon and the seller did not disclose that to you.

    What Our Clients Are Saying!

    We have a proven track record winning California Lemon Law Cases. Look at what our clients have to say about our top-leading California RV Lemon Law Attorneys.

    Karla J. Chatsworth Lake Manor, CA

    My car was just purchased back by the Manufacturer! I am so appreciative of Jacob's experience and thankful to get a redo on a car that just kept going into the shop. He has been very responsive and quick responding to my questions throughout the process. I have a new car that's not breaking, thanks to Jacob! I am so happy, thanks a million!!

    Javier P. Los Angeles, CA

    Jacob and his team are awesome, they keep in contact with me all the time, during this process until I get my check from Ford.

    Patrick D. Torrance, CA

    I bought a Honda civic in 2016, and had problems with the A/C almost immediately. I brought it into Honda's repair shop numerous times, and each time, they would say that nothing was wrong with it. I finally decided to contact Jacob to see what could be done, and it was the best decision I could have made. Jacob was always quick to respond, whether it was through call, text, or email. He also broke everything down into layman's terms since I don't know much about cars or the lemon law process. Last and most importantly, he fought to get me the most out of my situation. In the end, Honda fixed my A/C problem AND they gave me a generous settlement (about 3x more than what I expected).

    Navid P. Los Angeles, CA

    My Mercedes kept having problems and had been in the service station several times. A few times I had to go get a rent-a car which made it hard to fit into my schedule going after work to pick it up and drop it off. After several times of having car problems I decided to call Jacob. Jacob was caring, understanding, extremely knowledgeable, and helped me get a settlement very quickly. He answered all my questions and was extremely helpful. He is the go to attorney if you find yourself in this type of situations. His assistants are also fantastic. Thank you.

    Claire T. Los Angeles, CA

    I bought a new Ford C-Max Energi in 2014. After 36k miles I needed a new transmission. Another attorney I know referred me to Jacob Kashani saying he was "excellent." I immediately contacted Jacob and he explained the Lemon Law process thoroughly. I rejected Ford's first offer of settlement because it wasn't a "buyback" under the Lemon Law Statute. Instead, I asked Jacob to go ahead and file a lawsuit against Ford. He had no problem doing as I requested and, after a few months, Ford did offer to buy back my car, pay off my loan and pay my attorney's fees. I am very pleased with Jacob's handling of my case and how quickly he resolved my case. I would recommend you call Jacob if you are having problems with a new or used vehicle still under the manufacturer's warranty. Don't wait or wonder if you have a case, call Jacob. Also, Jacob's assistant Lavisha is so helpful and pleasant to deal with!

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