Lemon Law Qualifications

Qualifying for the California Lemon Law

What Makes a Car a Lemon

When you walk out of a dealership showroom with the keys to your next new car, truck, or SUV, it’s a big moment. It’s also often a significant investment. So if something goes wrong, and it stops working properly, you’ll eventually want to know how a car qualifies as a lemon. In our state, that’s particularly true because owners or lessees of vehicles with defects have significant protections.

In fact, in California, a car maker who has been given the chance to fix your vehicle and been unable to resolve the issue must offer a replacement vehicle that is exactly like yours or compensation equal to the amount of monthly payments, taxes and related fees when you purchased your vehicle. In addition, you may be eligible for compensation for other bills you racked up while unable to use your vehicle, including rideshare costs from Uber or Lyft, hotel bills and the like.

While making things right, legally speaking, is the goal of all consumer protection laws, there are standards that a court or arbitrator will like to see you meet prior to requiring the car maker to pay you back for the cost of the vehicle.

California Lemon Law Eligibility

If you think you have a lemon on your hands, there is a two-step process to assessing eligibility for a manufacturer California lemon law buyback or replacement. When it comes down to determining how does a car qualify as a lemon, you need to ensure that you have proper warranty coverage and that more specifically, the California lemon law requires that claims involve vehicles that:

  1. Are for personal, family, or small business use;
  2. Have a gross vehicle weight rating under 10,000 lbs.;
  3. Are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty or extended warranty; and
  4. Generally have been driven for less than 18,000 miles or 18 months at the time the defect was found

Once you have brought a vehicle in for service at a dealership, you can begin collecting the paperwork to establish that your vehicle may have a substantial defect, whether it affects safety or not. However, state law and governing cases also establish that you must also give the car maker or its representative, like a dealership, a reasonable opportunity to fix the issue.

In these cases, you will probably have to let them try to fix the problem at least twice, even if there is a safety issue. State law also dictates that they may be provided up to four opportunities to repair the issue prior to beginning a lemon law claim, along with up to 30 days in the shop. If a vehicle is in service for 30 days or more for warranty, that alone may qualify for lemon law rights.

However, those are guidelines and not necessarily required in order for you to pursue compensation for your defective vehicle.

Hiring an Experienced Lemon Law Lawyer in California

The truth of the matter is that you absolutely can use the arbitration process set up by the state of California in order to try and obtain compensation or a replacement vehicle. However, the people that administer that are not fighting for your rights and may not be as up-to-date on current case law as you might imagine.

If you want to obtain the maximum compensation for your frustration when it comes to having a defective vehicle, review your legal options with an experienced California lemon law attorney who has handled these sorts of cases. They will be able to outline a plan that gives you the best chance at being made whole, financially speaking, as a result of living with a defective vehicle.

So, if you think that you may have a vehicle that qualifies for lemon law protections, get a no-cost consultation today. The attorneys that understand the law will usually take on cases on contingency. That means that if you don’t win, they don’t get paid, leaving you with little to no risk of hiring an attorney to take on your case.

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Ariel T. Encino, Los Angeles, CA

My bluetooth kept disconnecting on my Chevrolet Cruz and the dealer tried to fix it 5 times until finally until I got Jacob involved they decided to replace my control unit (such an annoying process) I actually didn't want to lemon my car because I got such a good deal on it. Instead Jacob sent a demand to Chevrolet and ended up getting me a settlement. Best of all I kept the car. Thanks for the service

Arnaud D. Los Angeles, CA

We used Jacob regarding a problem on a 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. Jacob got all my money back from FCA and it was very easy to communicate with him during the process. It's always very nice to work with someone that knows exactly what he is doing. It's painful to realize your 84k usd brand new car is a lemon but at the end I am happy I didn't loose anything.

Stephanie P. Huntington Park, CA

I had a problem with my AC on my Honda 2018, starting a week after signing on the vehicle. I kept hoping they would fix it and went to repairs close to 10 times. When I was finally fed up, I decided to look through YELP. I am beyond grateful I found Jacob. I was definitely skeptical because the yelp seemed too good to be true. I am glad I took the chance. He responded to my messages within a couple of minutes. After I explained my car situation, he immediately called me and he instantly explained my options and kept me reassured the entire process. I was updated via phone and email throughout the time it took to complete the process. His front desk staff was amazing! (Special shoutout to Stefany that also was answering my many questions). Jacob and his staff went above and beyond for me and got my $$ back! To which, he even called up a friend to help me out with my next car purchase. I recommend this business to all of my friends and family who may need Jacob.

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I am truly happy that I decided to reach out to Mr Kashani for assistance with my lemon case. He is professional , knows his stuff , communicates well with you and listens to your concerns. He addresses all your concerns and answers all your questions clearly. Anytime I reach out to him he is available and talks to me like a friend and remembers everything about my case. I will definitely recommend him to all seeking lemon law representation. I can't thank him enough!

N M. Los Angeles, CA

Great experience. Mr. Kashani is personable, professional, and most importantly, effective. He took my case, walked me through what he thought would happen, and he was right. I got more back thank I thought I would for my buy back and barely had to lift a finger to do it. Best part is, his fee isn't mine to pay. You really can't lose by contacting Jacob Kashani.

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