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The Law Office of Jacob K. Kashani provides forceful, effective representation for San Diego residents who have purchased vehicles that they have discovered to be lemons due to a significant manufacturing defect. We understand how frustrating it can be to have purchased a new vehicle only for it to be undependable or always in the shop and can help you get a refund or a replacement under California’s lemon law.

Jacob understands that purchasing a new vehicle is often a significant investment and how upsetting it can be if your new purchase spends more time in the shop than it does in your garage or is too undependable for regular use. While vehicle manufacturers are supposed to work with customers who have purchased lemons, they often refuse to help. That’s why Jacob’s clients reach out to him to get assistance in the fastest and most efficient manner possible.

Why Choose Jacob Kashani as Your San Diego Lemon Law Attorney?

The Law Office of Jacob K. Kashani specializes in representing the owners of cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles in lemon law cases. Our clients purchased vehicles that are still under warranty, but suffer from significant defects in manufacturing that have not been fully repaired after multiple trips to the shop. We know the rules for which vehicles qualify as lemons under California and are skilled at getting manufacturers to either return your money or replace your vehicle.

Jacob’s clients have given him overwhelmingly positive reviews and appreciate his knowledge of lemon laws as well as his hard work to get his clients refunds or replacements for their lemon vehicles. He is known for his creative, effective representation as well as for listening to his clients to ensure that their concerns are addressed.

Jacob keeps his clients updated on each step of their lemon law claims and is quick to answer a client’s questions or concerns. He also provides them with peace of mind, with many clients saying that after they retained Jacob they were free of the stress and frustration of their lemon law claim because he did all of the hard work for them.

About San Diego’s Lemon Law

Under California’s vehicle lemon law, if there are substantial defects to your new car, truck, SUV, and some parts of your RV that keep you from enjoying it. If your vehicle qualifies as a lemon, you can seek a refund or replacement after you have made a “reasonable” number of trips to the repair shop while the vehicle was under warranty and the problem has not been solved.

The lemon law covers vehicles you have purchased or leased for use by yourself, your family, or your household. It also applies to business vehicles when it owns five vehicles or fewer. The law applies to new and used vehicles that have a gross weight of under 10,000 pounds. Additionally, the lemon law applies to vehicles that were identified as lemons when they were repurchased by the manufacturer and were repaired and resold with a warranty.

While the statute does not define what constitutes a reasonable number of trips to the shop, California’s courts have generally interpreted it as meaning that you tried to get the problem repaired at least twice. Additionally, if you purchased your vehicle used, but it is still under warranty, you can make a claim under the lemon law.

Motorcycles and the cabins of RVs are covered by a different lemon law in California. That law is similar to the one for vehicles, but it only covers vehicles that are still under the manufacturer’s warranty.

However, before you can bring a case under the lemon law, you need to give the manufacturer a “reasonable” number of opportunities to repair the problem. The statute does not define how many trips to the shop constitute reasonable efforts, but California courts have found that it means you need to have tried to get the problem fixed at least twice.

The law covers vehicles you have purchased for use by yourself, your family, or your household. The law also covers vehicles owned by businesses with fewer than five vehicles. Additionally, the vehicle must have a gross weight of less than 10,000 pounds. The lemon law applies to used vehicles that are still under the manufacturer’s warranty. Finally, customers who have purchased vehicles that a manufacturer had previously repurchased by the manufacturer after they were identified as lemons can bring a lemon law case if the vehicle was repaired and sold to them with a warranty.

Motorcycles are covered under California’s lemon law, but as consumer goods that are under warranty. RVs are covered by the lemon law for vehicles, but problems with the cabin are only covered while the vehicle is still under warranty.

What Qualifies as a Lemon?

For a vehicle to qualify as a lemon in California it must have a material defect that prevents you from using the vehicle as intended, its safety, or value. If the problem with your vehicle does not rise to the level of material defect, then you can’t take advantage of the lemon law. You must also have given the manufacturer a reasonable opportunity to repair the issue under the vehicle’s warranty..

Common problems that may qualify a vehicle as a lemon include:

  • Engine failure or malfunction
  • Problems with the electrical system, including the starter
  • Transmission problems
  • Brake problems
  • Defects in the frame or chassis
  • Steering problems
  • Design defects

A vehicle is not covered under California’s lemon law if the defect occurred due to actions taken by the owner after it was purchased. Additionally, if the vehicle owner does something that voids the warranty, it will no longer be covered by the lemon law. Examples of actions that will usually void a manufacturer’s warranty include:

  • Misusing the vehicle
  • Failing to perform proper maintenance
  • Making modifications to the vehicle or using after-market parts that cause a part that is under warranty to fail
  • Altering the vehicle’s odometer
  • Environmental damage from such events as fires, floods, or earthquakes

How San Diego’s Lemon Law Works

If you have made a reasonable number of attempts to get your vehicle repaired under warranty and it still suffers from substantial defects, you can ask the manufacturer to either replace the vehicle or give you a refund. If the manufacturer refuses to accept the vehicle as a lemon, you can take it to court to force it to give you a refund or replacement. One of the benefits of California’s lemon law is that when a vehicle owner brings a successful lawsuit under the law the manufacturer must pay the owner’s attorney’s fees and court costs. This allows you to have a lawyer represent you in your lemon law case without needing to worry about the cost.

California also allows you to recover a civil penalty if you can show that the manufacturer willfully failed to comply with the lemon law. The penalty can be as high as twice your damages.

Additionally, California will allow a judge to impose civil penalties on a manufacturer that failed to comply with the lemon law. The penalty amount can be up to twice your actual damages.

What Our Clients Are Saying!

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Sean A. Central LA, West Hollywood, CA

Jacob Kashani is a knowledgeable, hard working and fierce attorney. I've called Jacob at least 6 times through the last 5 years and he's always had the right answers, as well as creative solutions whether it was pertaining to vehicles or even areas of law outside of his expertise. The three things you want in your attorney is knowledge, creativity, and hard work. Jacob has that!

Patrick D. Torrance, CA

I bought a Honda civic in 2016, and had problems with the A/C almost immediately. I brought it into Honda's repair shop numerous times, and each time, they would say that nothing was wrong with it. I finally decided to contact Jacob to see what could be done, and it was the best decision I could have made. Jacob was always quick to respond, whether it was through call, text, or email. He also broke everything down into layman's terms since I don't know much about cars or the lemon law process. Last and most importantly, he fought to get me the most out of my situation. In the end, Honda fixed my A/C problem AND they gave me a generous settlement (about 3x more than what I expected).

Navid P. Los Angeles, CA

My Mercedes kept having problems and had been in the service station several times. A few times I had to go get a rent-a car which made it hard to fit into my schedule going after work to pick it up and drop it off. After several times of having car problems I decided to call Jacob. Jacob was caring, understanding, extremely knowledgeable, and helped me get a settlement very quickly. He answered all my questions and was extremely helpful. He is the go to attorney if you find yourself in this type of situations. His assistants are also fantastic. Thank you.

Karla J. Chatsworth Lake Manor, CA

My car was just purchased back by the Manufacturer! I am so appreciative of Jacob's experience and thankful to get a redo on a car that just kept going into the shop. He has been very responsive and quick responding to my questions throughout the process. I have a new car that's not breaking, thanks to Jacob! I am so happy, thanks a million!!

Javier P. Los Angeles, CA

Jacob and his team are awesome, they keep in contact with me all the time, during this process until I get my check from Ford.

Claire T. Los Angeles, CA

I bought a new Ford C-Max Energi in 2014. After 36k miles I needed a new transmission. Another attorney I know referred me to Jacob Kashani saying he was "excellent." I immediately contacted Jacob and he explained the Lemon Law process thoroughly. I rejected Ford's first offer of settlement because it wasn't a "buyback" under the Lemon Law Statute. Instead, I asked Jacob to go ahead and file a lawsuit against Ford. He had no problem doing as I requested and, after a few months, Ford did offer to buy back my car, pay off my loan and pay my attorney's fees. I am very pleased with Jacob's handling of my case and how quickly he resolved my case. I would recommend you call Jacob if you are having problems with a new or used vehicle still under the manufacturer's warranty. Don't wait or wonder if you have a case, call Jacob. The three things you want in your attorney is knowledge, creativity, and hard work. Jacob has that!

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