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The Law Office of Jacob K. Kashani specializes in helping Los Angeles vehicle owners who have purchased a lemon to have the manufacturer either replace their vehicle or issue a refund. We understand the frustrations of Los Angelinos who own a vehicle that they can’t use, and we work tirelessly to assist them in getting help.

We represent owners of new cars, used cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles who are unable to enjoy the full use of their vehicles due to manufacturing defects that have not been repaired under the vehicle’s warranty. With over 20 years of experience, and over 20 million dollars recovered for our clients, we are the best at what we do. With Jacob’s background in mechanics, car sales, and law, our team understands both the nitty gritty of engineering as well as the common tricks and tactics used by some car dealerships to hide flaws from consumers.

Choose a Winning Los Angeles Lemon Law Attorney: Jacob Kashani

Clients turn to Jacob Kashani, Los Angeles’ winning lemon law attorney, when they buy a vehicle that suffers from significant manufacturing defects and they need help getting the manufacturer to help them resolve their situation under California’s lemon law. We have a deep understanding of the state’s laws regarding which vehicles qualify as lemons and are experienced in getting manufacturers to either issue a refund or provide a new vehicle.

The firm prides itself on providing clients with quality customer service and providing representation tailored to their specific needs. Customers who have turned to Jacob for assistance under California’s lemon law have given him overwhelmingly positive reviews and feedback. Clients have praised him for being fast, reliable, and unafraid to push back when negotiating with vehicle manufacturers. Jacob has also received high praise for his professionalism and knowledge of the lemon law.

Jacob strives to keep his clients updated on each phase of their case and is quick to answer their questions or concerns. When you have spent your hard-earned money on a new vehicle only to discover it is an undependable lemon, it can be a deeply upsetting and frustrating experience to deal with a manufacturer who does not want to resolve the issue. Jacob gives his clients peace of mind by taking over the case on their behalf and more than one client has noted that it helped them sleep easier at night.

About Los Angeles’ Lemon Law

California’s vehicle lemon law helps consumers who have purchased lemons that they could not get adequately repaired under warranty to get manufacturers to resolve their problems. If the customer can show that the vehicle is a lemon that suffers from a significant manufacturing defect, the manufacturer must either provide a replacement vehicle or a refund.

The California Lemon Law, also known as the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, is used to protect consumers who purchase or lease new or used vehicles that turn out to be defective. This law ensures that consumers have recourse if their vehicle fails to meet the manufacturer’s warranty standards and cannot be repaired after a reasonable number of attempts. It aims to safeguard consumers from being stuck with “lemons” that do not meet acceptable quality and performance standards.

Before you can file a case under the lemon law, you must first make a “reasonable” number of attempts to get the vehicle repaired under its manufacturer’s warranty. While the statute does not specify the number of trips you must make to the shop, California’s courts have found that you need to have tried at least twice to get the problem repaired.

What Vehicles Qualify Under the CA Lemon Law?

  • Brand New Vehicles – California’s lemon law covers most new cars, trucks, and SUVs that you have purchased for yourself, your family, or your household for use on state roads and highways.
  • Used Vehicles – The lemon law will also cover a used vehicle that you have purchased if it is still under the original manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Leased Vehicles – As long as the leased vehicle meets the legal criteria, it can be a lemon.

The lemon law also applies to vehicles identified as lemons and repurchased by the manufacturer but were then repaired and resold with a warranty.

The above vehicles all must come with a manufacturer’s warranty that remains valid at the time of the first repair attempt. The vehicle must also have a gross weight under 10,000 pounds and belong to an entity possessing a minimum of one, but no more than five, vehicles registered in California.

While California’s vehicle lemon law does not cover motorcycles, they are covered under the state’s consumer lemon laws if they are still under warranty. The portions of an RV used in driving (the drivetrain, chassis, and frame) are covered under the vehicle lemon law, but problems with the cabin are addressed under the consumer lemon laws.

When is a Vehicle Considered a Lemon in Los Angeles?

California’s lemon law specifies that for a vehicle to be considered a lemon, it must have a material defect that keeps you from using it as intended, makes it less safe, or reduces its value. That means you can’t claim a vehicle is a lemon based on dings, dents, or other minor flaws that don’t impact the vehicle’s performance.

You must also give the manufacturer a reasonable opportunity to repair the material defect under the vehicle’s warranty.

Some common defects that will cause a vehicle to qualify as a lemon include:

  • Engine failure or malfunction
  • Problems with the electrical system, including the starter
  • Transmission problems
  • Brake problems
  • Defects in the frame or chassis
  • Steering problems
  • Design defects

Finally, if a vehicle’s problems are the result of your actions after a manufacturer delivered it, you cannot make a lemon law claim. For example, if you are involved in an accident and can’t get the car properly repaired, you will not have a lemon law claim.

How Los Angeles Lemon Law Works

The lemon law kicks in after you have made reasonable efforts to get your vehicle repaired under its warranty, but it still suffers from substantial defects. You can ask the manufacturer for a replacement vehicle or a refund. If the manufacturer refuses to help, you can take it to court to force it to comply with the law. One of the benefits of California’s lemon law is that it allows you to recover attorney’s fees and court costs if you are successful in court, which means you will not need to pay out-of-pocket for an attorney to represent you.

When a case under the Los Angeles Lemon Law reaches court, it typically follows a structured process. Firstly, the plaintiff, often the vehicle owner, must demonstrate that the vehicle has substantial defects covered under the Lemon Law. This may involve presenting evidence such as repair records and communication with the manufacturer or dealership. The court then evaluates whether the defects substantially impair the vehicle’s use, value, or safety. If the court finds in favor of the plaintiff, remedies such as a refund or replacement vehicle may be ordered. Finally, California allows the court to impose a civil penalty on a manufacturer who willfully failed to comply with the lemon law. That penalty can be as high as twice your damages.

Legal representation from an experienced Lemon Law Lawyer in Los Angeles that is familiar with the intricacies of the California Lemon Law can greatly assist consumers in navigating this process and advocating for their rights effectively.

Getting in Touch with a Los Angeles Lemon Law Attorney

If you’ve leased or bought a vehicle in Los Angeles County and it has undergone numerous warranty repairs at an authorized manufacturer dealership, you could qualify for a refund or replacement vehicle under California’s Lemon Law.

The Law Office of Jacob K. Kashani handles lemon law claims in Los Angeles and all of California against all vehicle manufacturers including General Motors, Mercedes, Porsche, GMC, Chevrolet, and more. We also handle motorcycle and recreational vehicle (RV) cases frequently. Our experts are here to guide you in and out of court to make sure you get the refund or replacement necessary in your case. Contact our team today for a consultation.

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Karla J. Chatsworth Lake Manor, CA

My car was just purchased back by the Manufacturer! I am so appreciative of Jacob's experience and thankful to get a redo on a car that just kept going into the shop. He has been very responsive and quick responding to my questions throughout the process. I have a new car that's not breaking, thanks to Jacob! I am so happy, thanks a million!!

Javier P. Los Angeles, CA

Jacob and his team are awesome, they keep in contact with me all the time, during this process until I get my check from Ford.

Patrick D. Torrance, CA

I bought a Honda civic in 2016, and had problems with the A/C almost immediately. I brought it into Honda's repair shop numerous times, and each time, they would say that nothing was wrong with it. I finally decided to contact Jacob to see what could be done, and it was the best decision I could have made. Jacob was always quick to respond, whether it was through call, text, or email. He also broke everything down into layman's terms since I don't know much about cars or the lemon law process. Last and most importantly, he fought to get me the most out of my situation. In the end, Honda fixed my A/C problem AND they gave me a generous settlement (about 3x more than what I expected).

Navid P. Los Angeles, CA

My Mercedes kept having problems and had been in the service station several times. A few times I had to go get a rent-a car which made it hard to fit into my schedule going after work to pick it up and drop it off. After several times of having car problems I decided to call Jacob. Jacob was caring, understanding, extremely knowledgeable, and helped me get a settlement very quickly. He answered all my questions and was extremely helpful. He is the go to attorney if you find yourself in this type of situations. His assistants are also fantastic. Thank you.

Claire T. Los Angeles, CA

I bought a new Ford C-Max Energi in 2014. After 36k miles I needed a new transmission. Another attorney I know referred me to Jacob Kashani saying he was "excellent." I immediately contacted Jacob and he explained the Lemon Law process thoroughly. I rejected Ford's first offer of settlement because it wasn't a "buyback" under the Lemon Law Statute. Instead, I asked Jacob to go ahead and file a lawsuit against Ford. He had no problem doing as I requested and, after a few months, Ford did offer to buy back my car, pay off my loan and pay my attorney's fees. I am very pleased with Jacob's handling of my case and how quickly he resolved my case. I would recommend you call Jacob if you are having problems with a new or used vehicle still under the manufacturer's warranty. Don't wait or wonder if you have a case, call Jacob. Also, Jacob's assistant Lavisha is so helpful and pleasant to deal with!

Sean A. Central LA, West Hollywood, CA

Jacob Kashani is a knowledgeable, hard working and fierce attorney. I've called Jacob at least 6 times through the last 5 years and he's always had the right answers, as well as creative solutions whether it was pertaining to vehicles or even areas of law outside of his expertise. The three things you want in your attorney is knowledge, creativity, and hard work. Jacob has that!

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